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Here's a bit about me…

I love to play guitar 🎸, I absolutely love marketing 💼 and I love going to cafes ☕️.

I studied for a real estate degree but in my 2nd year I realise that my passion and interest is in business and marketing. Nonetheless, I finished my degree and practiced for close to 6 months and all the while, I do marketing for companies and small brands as a freelancer. That's where I learn and gain my experience in this field.

Fast-forward to 2 years later, I joined a Brand & Marketing Firm that does branding for businesses to make them look like top players in their industry in order communicate the right value to their customers and expand their business.

Our clients are experts and provide an excellent service in their industry and in business, but they don't look like it and perhaps their image is not up-to-date. They may not understand branding, or don't have the time for it. Generally, it's difficult also to express and communicate the value they bring to their clients.

That's where we fit in. Leveraging on partners with 10+ years of branding & advertising experience, we consult and help our clients to transform their brand, clarify their marketing initiatives and upgrade their marketing communication.

If you have a business or a service that needs an upgraded brand look and a more effective marketing plan, send me a message and we’ll see if we can help come up with a “game plan” for that.

Focus in Possibilities

I believe that when we all focus on the possibilities of achieving what we want to achieve, we can all fulfil our dreams.