About Me

Why and what I do.

“We live in a world where anything can happen.” That’s a phrase that I always say (Of course I’m not referring to utterly impossible things). I’m Stanley Ship and I believe in possibilities.

For me, it’s all about helping people to focus in the possibilities of achieving what they want to achieve, so that we can all fulfil our dreams. I picture a time in the future, where people around me who have big dreams, people who want to bring an impact to the world, feels confident and believe that whatever they set out to achieve is possible.

Giving keynote presentations and being in groups and communities, is a channel for me where it’s possible to reach out to anyone that needs help in their lives or businesses. The topic that I always talk about is “Finding and Sharing your WHY.”

It’s very important for us to know our WHY, especially for entrepreneurs. Nothing excites me more than seeing others making the shift to a mindset of possibility, positivity and confidence.

Other than that, having acquired the skills and experience of leading the software and technology department in a former marketing company, I’m capable of planning, integrating and maximizing the usage of software and technologies for a business. With technology, many things are made possible!

I do software and system integration according to the needs of the business and according to the marketing strategies. Please note that I am not a programmer or IT graduate. Although I can read and interpret coding languages a little but I do not design or program software. I work more on the usage, implementation and strategizing part.

Currently, I’m a Marketing strategist in Valliance, doing marketing for the company and improving the service of real estate agents to help property & real estate buyers create happiness in owning the property, giving them the opportunity to live and improve their lifestyle. I graduated from Imperia Institute of Technology and have a bachelor’s degree in Real Estate Management and Development.

Challenging the limit of what’s possible.
Making the shift towards possibilities.

Get connected with me!

I love to meet people and I hope you don’t feel intimidated by this website. Work aside, just like everyone else, I do what everyone else do: watch movies, play games, read books, spend time with friends, playing the guitar (I really love it) etc.

I like to chill in cafes, so let’s have a cup of coffee if you don’t mind, and have a conversation about business, entrepreneurship, corporate/work culture, marketing, leadership, or pretty much anything you like to talk about. Give me a ring, or a buzz or a ding!

| “Everyone you meet will ever know something you don’t” – Bill Nye