This FREE Mini Class is for Small Business owners, Service based Business, B2B Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

How Our Clients use ONE model and ONE super-core offer to dramatically increase their inquiries and deal closing rate without trying 101 digital marketing tactics.

Leverage the online space to grow your business.

Attend our Free Mini Class to discover and replicate the exact model we use to scale our client's service business on the Internet. More importantly, we cover the strategy that comes first in such a model so that you know how to tailor it for your business.

There's Goodies for just attending!

Show up for the session and we'll send you discount codes and the Biggest Replication Hack so that you don't have will not have any trouble writing another advertisement and creating another landing page!

What you will be discovering in this Mini Class?

The Amplified Model

How successful business rely on ONE model & core-offer to amplify their marketing and generate x10 revenue.

The Amplified Steps

How anyone can do this and create an exact replica of our model with no technical skills needed

The Amplified Scaling

Start small, then reinvest. The method we use to only pay for a money return, and never waste a single cent.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Stanley’s team was very tactical and knowledgeable when advising us on which marketing tool to use for which tactic to deploy. We truly believe that their strategy-first approach led to the success of this project."

William Tan

Calbiz Holdings Sdn Bhd, E-commerce Solution Services

"We are really glad that Renesis went above and beyond to track those performance and do what’s needed to ensure that we progress towards objectives like leads and sales."

Edmund Dre

HantarGo Sdn Bhd, Parcel Delivery Services

“We really liked it that Renesis invested the amount of time every week to answer our questions and held review sessions even when they initially only promised 2x strategy session. It shows us that they were willing to support and make things work.”

Alvin Cheah

Semicoln Entreprise, IT & Digital Solutions


Watch our Free MiniClass, and get your marketing amplified TODAY and 10x your revenue!

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Here's a bit about us!

Very simply, we are a brand & marketing company unlike any other marketing agency. That’s because we prioritize consultation and marketing strategy advisory before providing any brand or marketing service.

The Difference?

Unlike our competitors, we talk about marketing, advertising and branding (whatever you call it) that will yield business results and achieve business objectives. We believe that with the right strategy and understanding established, our clients will have more clarity in their marketing. Every marketing effort and initiative will be maximized to achieve actual business results and objectives.

How is it like working with us?

Working with us means you are working together with a group of capable individuals and talents that are really passionate about what they are doing. The work and value we delivery brings satisfaction not only to our clients but also to ourselves. That is why our work is diligent and boasts excellence. We love what we do, and there’s no way we’re going to do things poorly which betrays our passion.

Ultimately, our clients love to work with us because it helps them grow their business in every aspect. They earn the currency of improved sales, increased profit, better business system, better brand image, and most importantly, saved a ton of time.