A simple start to your personal brand

What will you tell yourself after deciding on personal branding?

Usually, most people would be confused and not know how to start building their personal brand. They may say that it might not be suitable for them. They may think it may not work for them.

The secret is:


You will need to commit a certain time period every day to do this. Let’s start with 1 hour daily.

If you put your time into this, build a personal brand, it doesn’t even need to be very big. You will be able to stand out more than the rest of the people who don’t do personal brand and stay in obscurity.

I’ve already covered the advantages of personal branding here. So, if you’re not convinced why you should start personal branding, then my suggestion is this:

Search in Google for people like Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Steve Jobs and the likes.

You know all of them right? Why?

Because they have a strong personal brand!

Yes I get it, it took them a long time to build that kind of brand and they’re huge. Their reputation is international and their fame is massive.

All I’m saying is that even if you have a brand that is just 1/10 of theirs, You will still win. Because no one is doing it. Well, the majority is not doing it.


4-step process of Personal branding

  1. Planning
  2. Setting up
  3. Crafting
  4. Distribution

Planning Phase

There is an advance strategy for this phase of the 4-step process in which I will cover in a different article. For now, let’s keep it simple.

First thing is to ask yourself how you would introduce yourself to others or to new people you meet.

For example: “Hello, I’m Stanley, I am a marketing consultant for beauty and cosmetic businesses.”

Have the same way of introducing and be consistent so people remember you.

! Sneak Peak – Advance Strategy Tip

If you can come up with your own unique “style” or “quote” that you say every time you introduce yourself to people, it will leave a lasting impression to people. For this, you got to ask yourself: “what is my biggest strength and what is the biggest value I can bring to people?”

Next: Identify what is your interest

When thinking about this, it can be anything that interest you. Something that will make you want to know more about it, and you don’t mind spending time to find more, learn more and share about it


For example: I like topics related to marketing, entrepreneurship, and leadership

This part is will be crucial for content creation because we want to find out what you love talking about so that you will have more ideas on that particular field of interest.

Then: Identify your career or profession.

This should be easy. It’s your work or your job. 

For example: I am a general manager in…, I am a real estate agent, I am a business owner of …

Finally, put it all together 

It will be something like: My name is {Name}, I am a {your profession and your new opportunity}. I like to talk about {your passion, your interest, your hobby}.

Let’s start like that. It really is that simple. Of course you can, add some flavour into it, your own style, and creativity. 

I would start like this: “My name is Stanley, I am a marketing strategist. I’m all about entrepreneurship, marketing and leadership.”

The problem is people fumble a lot with how they introduce themselves and they are not consistent.

So be consistent!

You’re done with the first step of this strategy!

Next we will be looking at how to set up your appearance and personal brand space. We’ll talk about which channel or medium you can use to get yourself “out there.”