What is your Leadership Capacity?

I strongly believe everyone has the ability to become a leader.

However, not everyone wants to be a leader, and not every leader has the same capacity. It takes courage, patience and practice.

But, you see, in some way or another, we’re already leaders. We just don’t realize it.

Don’t believe it? Let me try to prove it…

We all have friends and family, right? Even if you just have one person in life that you really care for, in some way you are leading that person.

I think that one of the most important traits a leader should have is the ability and nature to care. Whenever you start to care for another person’s well-being in any part of their life, you’re indirectly “leading” them. Starting from there, you’re a leader of one person…

…. No, actually, two person. You’re a leader to yourself too (more on this in another article where I discuss how Leadership Starts from You).

So, if you are leading two person in your life, and in no way have you expressed interest to be a leader in any part of your life, that’s okay! That’s your capacity to lead, and not everyone has the same capacity.

Does the size matter?

Some leaders may find themselves to have the capacity to lead more than 50 people, and some just 5. The capacity to lead does not equal to the effectiveness of the leader. If a leader has 50 people under their care, it may be challenging to produce a the standard rate of performance out of each person if the leader is not effective in his/her leadership.

I have seen leaders who only have the capacity to lead 5 individuals, but each of them are high performing individuals, producing massive results for the organization and for themselves. A leader leading a team with more than 10 people in it without the context of measuring effectiveness shouldn’t be deemed “better” than a leader leading a team of only 3.

Being aware of your capacity to lead means:

  1. Knowing how much mental capacity you have to deal with your team member each day.
  2. Knowing how many people you can care for in a given period of time.
  3. Knowing how long it takes to produce leadership capabilities in your team member before you start taking in new members.

It is important to be aware of your capacity to lead because then you will not start to compare yourself to other leaders. Sometimes, “good” is very subjective, especially when it comes to leadership, their fruits are observed from the performance, growth and competency of their team members.

I don’t think I have done justice to this subject, so in no way this is all-inclusive when it comes to the capacity of a leader to lead. I really appreciate your thoughts and feedback regarding this topic and I hope that this sparks some insight to those aspiring to be a leader.