Sharing the Possibilities

Basically, it’s a blog where you get to read my thoughts and views on various things that might be of interest to you.
The purpose of these contents are to inspire, open-up, and encourage the readers.
Who are these content for? if you call yourself or want to be: an entrepreneur, a business owner, a guitarist, a real estate agent, a speaker, a founder, or a person (winks).

Stories of Possibilities

This section are ideas & stories that focus on topics and ideas that are inspiring and motivating. Some of it are my personal experience and thoughts of the conversations that I have with people. Here you will discover many helpful ideas and mindset that will bring you to the next level in whatever you are doing. I mainly talk about topics related to leadership, business, entrepreneurship and marketing.

Technology and Software

Anything that has to do with technology, softwares, websites. If you want to learn how to build a website on your own, if you want to get to know more softwares that will boost your business and marketing, if you want to learn strategies in integrating technology into businesses and processes or operations, I guess here’s what I have to offer.

RE: Marketing

Not “digital” marketing, not “social media” marketing, not “referral marketing,” and etc. I would say, all of it. I talk about various strategies. Those that does not require a big budget to implement and huge resources to employ. Let’s stick to simple, actionable, step-by-step marketing strategies and tactics. This section will be all about marketing, well the more contemporary ones.