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Amplify your marketing and bring business growth

Amplify & Digitalize your marketing

The tactic that drives a huge inflow of leads for your business and doesn't take more than 1 month to set up and run

What is Amplify & Digitalize?

Our marketing firm Renesis launched this series of service to help service-based business to enhance their marketing system. We called it "Amplify" because we strive make our service more diligent and better than other agencies. Our approach enables us to maximize profit, enhance performance and produce impactful results to our clients.

We achieve this by coupling consultation to our services to make sure all our objectives are aligned and create a strong engagement relationship between us and our clients.

This is not something…

Not something totally new and never tested before.

Tonnes of successful service-based business execute these tactics with the help of a good agency

Not something that costs a bomb

You don't need to invest lots of money into and build

Not something that is the same with others

It's not your usual marketing agency's service and not just social media marketing or facebook advertising

But, here's what this is…

Top Notch Service Quality

A 4-week service that helps you to get every component set up and running.

Professional Execution and Consultation

A method that draws directly from your business strengths and use that to create business inquiries.

Help business leverage digital space

A model to put your business in the digital space and start getting leads there.

Think about this

It's so tough for businesses to stick out and be remembered by the market in today's crowded marketplace. Most businesses suffer from being unknown to the market!

When that happens, most likely your business will face problems like:

Not getting a high number of leads and inquiries

Don't know how to brand yourselves online

People tend to compare you with your competitors and choose others

Anxiously sitting and waiting for customers to come

Tried many so-called "online methods" but didn't seem to work

We totally get it.

Like you, many of our clients are in the crossroad of their business not knowing what to do after trying many methods. We totally understand what situation you may be in and we have a way out of it.

Amplify & Digitalize today!

With this, you'll be able to:

Activate your online presence and get more inquiries for your business

Gradually you'll be recognized by your industry to be the expert and the authority

Definitely become busier in your business in handling more inquiries to increase their income

At the same time, scale and automate your business to handle all the new business inflow

Finally, spend more time with your family because of the system that is in place for your business

How Does it Work?

Step 1: Consultation

All our clients go through a 2x 1-hour consultation with us to identify these things in their business:

  • The business model
  • The Unique Selling Points
  • The Target Market & Competitors
  • The Messaging Structure & BrandStory
  • The Groundbreaking Offer no one can refuse.
  • The potential of increase customer value

After consultation, we then begin the work to build your landing page that will be the means of generating the leads or purchases for your product/service.

  1. Here we apply all that we have consult into the landing page
  2. Our copywriter will use the messaging structure that we've set to write a persuasive landing page
  3. Our designer will then design the landing page layout to make sure it's user-friendly and easy for potential buyers to navigate.

Step 2: Landing Page

Step 3: Media Buy

The last component is setting up ads in Google or Facebook

That also means we have to ensure that your website and landing page are both indexed in Google. That is to make sure you are searchable.

Google ads only charge you for every one who searched the keyword and saw your headline, and when they click on it. When someone is searching for a keyword, it indicates interests. That way we'll be able to drive more valuable traffic to your landing page that will have a chance to convert to be a lead.

Hear it from others!

Diligent & Professional

HantarGo Sdn Bhd

Parcel Delivery Services

"We are really glad that Renesis went above and beyond to track those performance and do what’s needed to ensure that we progress towards objectives like leads and sales."

5-star Service!

Calbiz Holdings Sdn Bhd

E-commerce Service

"Stanley’s team was very tactical and knowledgeable when advising us on which marketing tool to use for which tactic to deploy. We truly believe that their strategy-first approach led to the success of this project."

Above & Beyond

Semicoln Entreprise

IT & Digital Solutions

We really liked it that Renesis invested the amount of time every week to answer our questions and held review sessions even when they initially only promised 2x strategy session. It shows us that they were willing to support and make things work.

Here's what you'll need to do now:


Book a Free

Amplify & Digitalize Consultation


If you qualify, we will set up your Amplified & Digitalized marketing system


See inquiries pouring in and business growth

Book your meeting slot with us!

You'll also be getting 2 videos for 2 days that can improve

your business' messaging structure and customer generating system.

*We won't spam you, we promise!

Here's what we are covering in the session:

  1. – Go through the details of your business
  2. – Understand your marketing situation now
  3. – Identify your current business objectives
  4. – Discuss 3 Initiatives that can immediately improve your marketing

Business Processes and IT Services Cost Optimization

Tailored managed IT services that adapt to your evolving business needs

We’ve developed a managed IT service portfolio that allows us to effectively transform or evolve our customers’ capabilities, and a global systems delivery platform that can be applied to the seamless planning, building, and operation of any technology solution.


We manage the full technology lifecycle


We manage the full technology lifecycle


We manage the full technology lifecycle


We manage the full technology lifecycle

Here's a bit about us!

Very simply, we are a brand & marketing company unlike any other marketing agency. That’s because we prioritize consultation and marketing strategy advisory before providing any brand or marketing service.

The Difference?

Unlike our competitors, we talk about marketing, advertising and branding (whatever you call it) that will yield business results and achieve business objectives. We believe that with the right strategy and understanding established, our clients will have more clarity in their marketing. Every marketing effort and initiative will be maximized to achieve actual business results and objectives.

How is it like working with us?

Working with us means you are working together with a group of capable individuals and talents that are really passionate about what they are doing. The work and value we delivery brings satisfaction not only to our clients but also to ourselves. That is why our work is diligent and boasts excellence. We love what we do, and there’s no way we’re going to do things poorly which betrays our passion.

Ultimately, our clients love to work with us because it helps them grow their business in every aspect. They earn the currency of improved sales, increased profit, better business system, better brand image, and most importantly, saved a ton of time.